I can tell how much you love the people you photograph.
— Bruce Weber

The first time Barry picked up a Polaroid camera he was hooked. Pens, markers, charcoal and paint were no match for the immediacy and clarity of photography. In 1984, after viewing Bruce Weber's portraits of young Olympians in Interview magazine, Barry sold his Mustang and moved to NY, landing a job with Bruce after months of cold calling the studio. "I learned almost everything I know about photography from Bruce." Since then he has photographed celebrities like Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Gilbert, Barry White, Dr Dre, Taylor Swift and countless others. His photographs have been published in French Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, T-Magazine, Ocean Drive, Complot, Loft, Newsweek, US Weekly and People.

Barry is a multidisciplinary artist, working in photography, graphic design, collage and multimedia. He is currently the Director of Operations for the MPS Graduate Fashion Photography program at School of Visual Arts. Barry also produces the New York Fashion Film Festival, now in its seventh consecutive season.

For commissions, installations, gallery shows and print sales, contact the studio at 917.446.2520, studio@barrysutton.com.

Barry's latest project, TORN, is a series of collages that brings together two contrasting but long-standing subjects of his photography: fashion and urban decay. "I've always been fascinated by the relentless, ever-changing nature of the urban environment and the romantic concept that in many ways the walls of our cities reflect not only our history- but also the struggle between our past and present." The collages in TORN are an extension of his fashion, portraiture and street photography, reimagining his portraits of friends, models, musicians and actors as post-apocalyptic recollections, faces and figures obscured, decayed and reshaped by the forces of nature. TORN examines the tensions between beauty and time and the idea that beautiful things can emerge from a world that often seems in a constant state of collapse. Work from TORN is currently on view at CRH NYC and Fat Free Art in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.