Logos & Design

Client: Bevmax, Logo for e-commerce project

Wine and Spirits retail giant Bevmax commissioned me to create branding for a flash-sale site selling deeply discounted wines. I developed a couple distinct pathways to consider, illustrating the brand's two key value propositions, wide product selection and rapidly diminishing quantities.


Client: Woodstock, Branding, I-D

I was commissioned to update the Woodstock brand image library using some of the original assets like the guitar and dove, featured in the original advertising for the festival in 1969. I chose to make reference to the year of the event and added modern visual references and contemporary treatments drawing from the repeating elements of op-art and collaging graffiti and other photography into the traditional brand elements.


Client: Root Crafted Mixers, Logo and Labels

Root Crafted asked me to design a logo and packaging for their new line of cocktail mixers. The logo was hand-drawn and then transferred to digital for refinement The product is currently being launched to market. 


Client: Christian Audigier, Wine and Champagne

Christian Audigier, the late jeans designer and founder of the Ed Hardy lifestyle brand, and his own namesake brand, commissioned me to design labels and packaging for a line of wine and Grand Cru Champagne. Working with the engineers at Sleever, the leader in shrink wrap packaging for beverages in Paris, I created a unique packaging design using innovative processes to shrink wrap the labels without distorting the intricately illustrated images. The wine bottles won the Silver medal at the Pentawards in Brussels in 2009, the most coveted packaging design award in the industry. 


Client: Astor Wines, NYC, Les Amorelles Wine Label

I was asked to design a series of labels for one of Astor Wines' private label wines brands. They conceived a "French" sounding name referring to love and the brief was to design a label that communicated love and freedom. Les Amorelles was a best-selling brand at Astor Wines for more than three years.


Client: Munoz de Toro Winery, Logo, Labels, POS

Munoz de Toro winery in Patagonia, Argentina asked me to design a logo, series of wine labels, product packaging and POS for their Cliff Raven brand wines. Images were licensed from the estate of the namesake, legendary tattoo artist. The packaging reflected the concepts of hand-made, artisanal, individuality.